How to Use Your Blu Tiger
All About Blu Tiger
  • Portable TENS pen

  • Same TENS pain relief technology as used by doctors!

  • Easy-to-use design is fits comfortably in your hand

  • Safe and effect pain management – completely drug-free

  • Wireless and sticky pad-free for on-the-go relief

  • Portable design fits in your bag or pocket

  • 9 levels of intensity

  • 3 interchangeable heads

  • Easy-to-read LED display

  • Great for muscle pain of the shoulders, neck, back, waist, legs, arms, and more!

  • Requires 1AA batter (not included)

How to Use Your Blu Tiger
I ordered my product and it said shipping will take 3-6 weeks. Why so long?
Shipping MAY take 3-6 weeks. Throughout different times of the year demand is greater than others, so we always state 3-6 weeks. However, we always do our best to plan for those times of the year so we can avoid “back orders.”
Help! I placed an incorrect order. How can I change this?
What you want to do is call this toll free number for customer service: 1-855-789-4106. To find your order they will need your phone number (or email address if you provided it), last name, and zip code. They will absolutely get your order fixed for you. Keep in mind order processing takes a full 24 hours, so they may not have your order in the customer service system until at least 24 hours after you've placed your order.
I placed an order, but I haven't been charged yet. When should I expect to be charged?
We process your order within 24 hours, but we do not charge your card for the purchase until the order is shipped to your address.

Do I need to put Blu Tiger together?

Minor assembly is required to get started with BluTiger.

Can I use Blu Tiger while standing?

BluTiger is a seated elliptical machine and should only be used in the seating position.

How much does Blu Tiger weigh?

BluTiger weighs 14-pounds so it can easily be lifted and moved from room to room.

How do I change the resistance?

Simply turn the dial to the right to increase resistance, or to the left to decrease resistance.

Does Blu Tiger require batteries?

BluTiger uses 2 AA batteries to operate the digital display.